Play, active recreation and sport at Alert Level 2

Alert Level 2 – Reduce
Under Alert Level 2 the disease is contained, but there is still a risk of community transmission. The objective of these guidelines is to minimise
the risk of transmission of the virus, and to be able to rapidly track and isolate any cases that may arise.
Subject to the range of public health measures outlined below, play, active recreation and sport can resume under level 2. This includes
contact team sports and physical activities only if 10 or fewer people are participating, good contact tracing is possible and hygiene measures,
particularly washing and drying of hands, and regular sanitising of equipment and surfaces are in place. Make sure you know (or can identify)
anyone who is participating in your activity, including players, officials and spectators/supporters, in case someone gets sick.

SEPNZ endorse the guidelines from Sport New Zealand below

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