Mission, Vision, Goals & Structure

  1. Mission, Vision, Goals & Structure


Provision of world-leading sports & exercise physiotherapy services to all New Zealanders for optimal health and sporting performance.


Mission for Active New Zealanders
Sports Physiotherapy New Zealand promotes safe participation in physical activity, exercise, recreation and sport for participants of all ages and abilities for the maintenance of a healthy lifestyle and for optimal sporting performance.

Mission for Members
SPNZ’s mission is to empower our members in the provision of high quality sports physiotherapy services to participants of all ages and abilities involved in sport, exercise and recreation through the promotion of excellence in education, research, clinical practice and specialisation.


  • PROMOTE PHYSICAL ACTIVITY: Promote and facilitate safe involvement in physical
    activity, exercise and sport to all New Zealanders.
  • PROMOTE SPORTS PHYSIOTHERAPY: Promote sports and orthopaedic physiotherapy
    practice to the public and to the physiotherapy and wider medical profession.
  • OPTIMISE SPORTING PERFORMANCE: Optimise and enhance performance at all levels of
  • FACILITATE EDUCATION and RESEARCH: Facilitate education, training and research in
    sports and orthopaedic physiotherapy to enable a high standard of practice.
  • SET ADVANCED PRACTICE STANDARDS: Set standards for advanced sports physiotherapy practice in NZ.
  • ADVOCACY: Advocate for SPNZ members and for sports physiotherapy within the,
    physiotherapy, medical and wider community.


  • To promote the education, training, research and professional status of Sports, Exercise and Orthopaedic Physiotherapists within New Zealand
  • To educate the public on sports injuries and their management to help reduce injury morbidity and mortality.
  • To educate the public on physical activity and exercise to promote health, and to contribute towards management of chronic health disorders.
  • To develop a resource of information to be used for the benefit of the patient and the profession
  • To act as an advisory group to allied health professionals and the wider physiotherapy profession by disseminating knowledge
  • To work in conjunction with like-minded groups to improve health outcomes of those with sports and orthopaedic related injuries.
  • The objectives of the Group shall be compatible with those of the New Zealand Society of Physiotherapists (Inc).


SEPNZ is committed to act with integrity, to promote sports physiotherapy, to pursue a quest for excellence in sports & exercise physiotherapy and to recognise our responsibility to society, to members and to the profession being guided by the following values:


  • UNITY: recognising, uniting and collaborating with the members of PNZ interested in all aspects of Sports & Exercise Physiotherapy.
  • LEADERSHIP: providing leadership in the advancement of ethical standards health promotion, physical activity, sports performance, injury prevention and management,
  • EXCELLENCE: Maintaining high standards in the delivery of sport & exercise physiotherapy services.
  • SHARING: openly sharing knowledge and information with the Public and our partners in the Sports Medicine and Science community.

SEPNZ Structure

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