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Injury Prevention

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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CPXRK7eoU38 –your local sports physiotherapist can assess and give you exercises to enhance your strength, stability and flexibility for injury prevention.

ACC Smart Warm Up:



ACL prevention: http://www.stopsportsinjuries.org/files/pdf/AOSSM_acl.pdf


Soccer Specific Injury Prevention: FIFA 11+ Program

The FIFA 11+ program is a comprehensive warm up program for football, though the concept can be carried across into other field sports. It consists of 8 minutes running exercises for warm up, 10 minutes of strength, plyometrics and balance exercises, and 2 minutes off faster running and bounding  exercises, for a total of 20 minutes to be undertaken twice a week as warm up. It has 3 levels of exercises to account for varing levels of physical capability

Research in footballers has demonstrated

  • a significantly lower risk of injuries overall
  • —a significantly lower risk of overuse injuries, and
  • —a significantly lower risk of  severe injuries

Netball Specific Injury Prevention:



Netball Australia’s KNEE Programme: http://knee.netball.com.au


Rugby League Specific Injury Prevention:


Rugby Specific Injury Prevention: 






Drug Free Sport: