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Sports Physiotherapist Contract

Many physiotherapists at some stage of their career work with a sports club, sports team or help out with a sporting event. Often these arrangements are based on a ‘handshake’ agreement between the physiotherapist and the club or group. This had led to there being differing opinions between the two parties as to what is expected, and what services are to be undertaken.

Sports & Exercise Physiotherapy New Zealand (SEPNZ) understands the position sports physiotherapists can be put into when working in the sporting environment. We firmly believe that in all situations there should be a written contract to protect both parties. However, this unfortunately does not often happen until working at a higher level of sports involvement.

Over the past 3 years SEPNZ have been working on developing a contract guideline, one that is suitable for a sports physiotherapist when working with a club/team or individual.

With the help of PNZ and HR Shop this sample contract is considered to have the main points of entering into a contract in such a manner. There are sections in this sample contract where you will need to delete or add information as appropriate, depending on the situation and what services you have agreed to.

We believe this is a major achievement and asset for our sports physiotherapists and provides a guideline for more protection than what might currently be in place. It will help clarify boundaries for ethical issues such as confidentiality and relationships, as the team or group you are involved with will be well defined. It will also help define time frames of work undertaken and clarify what services are agreed upon, as different to what may be expected of you. Finally, it will clearly indicate to all parties the legislative and ethical obligations you have to follow.

This contract guideline is available to download, from the following link, as a working document for the expectations and responsibilities of all parties.

Download the Sports Physiotherapist Contract here 

As with all legal documents, it is advised that you seek your own advice before signing any contract.


Disclaimer: This sample agreement is provided by Sports & Exercise Physiotherapy New Zealand for use only as a suggested format. The information and clauses contained are provided for consideration only and are not to be used for any other purpose by any person or organisations. Sports & Exercise Physiotherapy Zealand will not be responsible for, or liable to, any person or organisation, for any matter arising from the use of this information. Professional advice should be obtained for each particular situation and this agreement must not be used for any purpose other than as a general guide.